How to Cool Off from Hot Peppers

      Cooling Off
      When your food bites back, don't guzzle water, beer or wine. Instead, try quenching the flames by eating rice, bread or a tortilla. These soft, starchy foods help mop up the spicy oils.
      A spoonful of sugar gives the most immediate relief.
      Milk – which contains casein, a protein that literally grabs capsaicin -- will also help douse the fire.
      Raita, the yogurt/cucumber dish in Indian cuisines, serves the same function.

      Some chile eaters find piping hot liquids such as tea soothing. Others find sucking on an orange or lemon helpful.

      If you get the oil on your skin you may want to rub it with rubbing alcohol first then soak it in milk, this seems to alleviate the burning. If you get it in your eyes the only thing you can do is repeatedly rinse with water or saline.
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