Baby Back Pork Ribs

One slab of your favorite cut
of ribs, (preferably baby back ribs)
Pig Sweat Rub by Twisted Pepper

1.Remove membrane on back side of ribs (use a paper towel and pull off). Evenly coat both sides of ribs with yellow mustard, shake on Pig Sweat Rub on both side (coating well), let rest in refrigerator a couple of hours.
2. Put on the smoker and smoke for 2.5 hours at 3750°. If desired start spraying a liquid of your choice (apple juice).
3. Remove ribs from smoker, wrap in foil and seal, put back on the smoker for 60 - 90 minutes, (depending on how many ribs you have), open up the foil and start spraying with apple juice a couple of times>
4. Don’t forget to put wood chips or chunks on the fire. Apple or pecan wood is great for pork.

5. Take ribs off grill, wrap in clean foil and set in empty cooler for about 30 minutes. This will keep the juices in the ribs and fall off the bone Good! No Barbecue Sauce Needed!!
Pork Tenderloin is Excellent cooked the same way.

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